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Best places to visit at Oct in Los Angeles

A place which is everyone’s aspiration to visit due to its rich culture and with so much to explore inside, Los Angeles is known as the entertainment capital of the world and indeed the best travel destination. It is the prime place for experiencing the true hub of 100 museums. With so much in its bag, the place is considered as a paradise for its rich beach towns, cloud-snagging skylines, idyllic weather and stellar things to do.

If you visit Los Angeles in October, you got to see live heaven on earth as it is the Halloween festival month of the city. The seasonal rides and decorations being set up at Disney world welcome you in your Halloween Mickey Dress to enjoy the party out there.

Explore the Spotting Star Attractions in LA

A city with a big heart of world-famous sites and attractions can offer you a bewildering task to choose among the best place to visit here. From the beaches of Santa Monica to the legendary streets, Los Angeles will make a hard choice for you to what to see and what to leave. Keeping the utmost satisfaction as the priority, you must visit these popular places at Oct in Los Angeles:

Venice Beach- Bohemian Epicentre of California

Boldly embracing the eccentric spirit, the Venice Beach is a mainstream attraction for the tourists and even the people who live there. The traditional boardwalk is there to show people the antiquities of radical pamphleteers, skateboarders and bodybuilders. To have the best lunch of your life, do not forget to drop in yourself to Figtree Café over there.

Hollywood Walk of Fame- Stroll along the Stars

In pink terrazzo and gold littering, you will be exploring the amazing the 2500 or something illustrious names of the entertainment world. The mandatory stop would be the Chinese Theatre as true film fanatics can well realise the famous hands and footprints there. Hollywood with its everlasting charm can never be old of its uncountable galas, premieres and award ceremonies and that makes you must visit there.

Rodeo Drive- A One Stop Quench for Royal Shopping Thirst

When we dreamt of shopping like Julia Roberts in Rodeo Drive was actually worth because of the royal designer boutiques and flagship stores, which were also shown in the movie- Pretty Women. Mingling and browsing inside the only shopping mall designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, you will go all crazy for Anderson Court because of its utmost class.

Museum of Jurassic Technology- Curiosity lies within

Though a name related to your favourite pseudo-scientific nook by Stephen Spielberg but it not at all connects with the “Jurassic Park” or its sequences. What makes this place a curious theme for you is the bat flying through the impossibly tiny sculptors and other carved marvels. Here you find fact and fiction together and realise that chasing or being chased by CGI dinosaurs is actually worth a memorable adventure.

Get ready to face some actual life experiences by visiting at Oct in Los Angeles!

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