iPhone XS and iPhone XS MAX users Complain About ‘Beauty Filter ‘ On Front Camera IOS Mobile 

iPhone XS and iPhone XS MAX users Complain About ‘Beauty Filter ‘ On Front Camera

“iPhone XS and XS MAX apply the very aggressive smoothing effect to front camera photos!” “Apple’s new iPhone selfie camera automatically smoothens your skin n photos.”   Have you also seen a difference while clicking a photo with your iPhone XS and XS MAX? A lot of people using iPhone recently felt that something weird is happening with their selfies. Somehow the device was putting them on some automatic beauty mode, which is a feature in many of the other phones available in the market. For those who do not…

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reduce Twitter data usage with data saver option How To Mobile 

How to reduce Twitter data usage with data saver option

Twitter is one of the most trendings and buzzing social media platform. You can follow the celebrities, get instant feed about the politicians and can also get the insights of your favorite sportsperson. The app is really handy to know what is going around in the world. A year ago this trending social media platform came with a new application which is called, Twitter Lite. Now you must be wondering why a new application? What makes Twitter Lite different from Twitter? So to satisfy our curiosity lets quickly dive in!…

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Force Reboot iPhone XS, iPhone XS MAX, iPhone XR How To IOS 

How to Force Reboot iPhone XS, iPhone XS MAX, iPhone XR

I got my new iPhone and was fascinated and joyful enough. Some days later my phone froze. I guess may be due to some buggy app. So I decided to try rebooting it like my old iPhone7.I just longer pressed the sleep/wake button on the right side of my device along with the volume down button on the left side of my device, hoping that my device will reboot. But!! In doing so, my new iPhone showed an SOS feature on the screen and made an emergency call! I was…

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How to create Siri shortcuts on IOS 12 How To IOS 

How to create Siri shortcuts on IOS 12

If you are fond of Siri and you know that it can be accessed as shortcuts in your IOS, then you must also know that the shortcuts are more exciting because of the pre-program voice commands. You may think of why taking charge creating shortcuts when you can already connect to Siri for sending a text or making a call but what makes shortcuts must creation for you is the extensive command and execute over Siri. Create Siri Shortcuts The foremost step of starting the creation of Siri Shortcuts is…

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How to Install Linux on a Mac? How To IOS Technology 

How to Install Linux on a Mac?

lets’s learn  how to install linux on a mac. It is no more a myth that you can install Linux on Mac, which is undoubtedly the best supporting system for Apple hardware. We can say that the process is a little complicated but you may be able to install it by following some intelligent steps. Before going to the direct installation, you must consider the use of specific operating systems (OS) for your Linux OSes support to Macs, which include: Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSUSE or Debian. Even if these do not…

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Imagining life without a mobile phone is a very difficult job. With the development happening on daily basis, people are looking for such phones that provide the best Tech features that could enhance their standards of living. The smart phones need to be filled up with such qualities that can help the user to meet their requirements. Therefore, to outsmart other mobile phones that Tech experts are doing all possible means to grab the attention of the customers. What is the Tech features the people expect from the companies providing…

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When it comes to smart phones that are packed with many features there is a strong accompaniment for Tips and Tricks, here is that could make the function of the mobile phone more sophisticated. These Tips and Tricks are the simple hack tips that could easily enhance the performance of the phones. The following are the Tips and Tricks here is that can help to manage the phone properly Disable the non-essential apps When it comes to saving battery, there are certain things are required to be kept in mind.…

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New developments mobile world let you know about this topic. Phones with better developed QWERTY keyboards and features need to make them totally functional. In the era of touch screen phones having keyboard has lost its virtue. However, with the world becoming smarter, it is important to answer the question, How To makes the phone having keyboard more valuable than a touch screen? To answer the phrase “How To” the mobile expert in India are launching better smartphones with advanced keys that can change the trend lines. There is a…

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