iPhone XS and iPhone XS MAX users Complain About ‘Beauty Filter ‘ On Front CameraIOS Mobile 

iPhone XS and iPhone XS MAX users Complain About ‘Beauty Filter ‘ On Front Camera

“iPhone XS and XS MAX apply the very aggressive smoothing effect to front camera photos!”

“Apple’s new iPhone selfie camera automatically smoothens your skin n photos.”


Have you also seen a difference while clicking a photo with your iPhone XS and XS MAX? A lot of people using iPhone recently felt that something weird is happening with their selfies. Somehow the device was putting them on some automatic beauty mode, which is a feature in many of the other phones available in the market. For those who do not know, beauty mode is a feature which helps you to make your skin look smoother on the screen thus giving you smoothes shots for your social media. People said that they feel that they look like a plastic model in the selfies and that these photographs are much different than their real self. It feels to them as if somebody has put a lot of makeup on their face.

A hot topic of discussion

The topic has become a lot buzzed all over the internet. People are referring to this as # beauty gate. Popular YouTube channel Unbox Therapy of YouTuber Lewis Hilsentegeralso showed a video related to this. Lewis also compared his selfies taken on iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS MAX and iPhone 6 and concluded that there had been a drastic change in the Apple technology with time. Reddit and MacRumors are also loaded with comments.

“I am so frustrated with this camera. I look stupid in snaps. It looks like I’m using an airbrush filter,”

“I just got my phone and loved it, but when I opened the camera app to the front-facing camera, my face looked like it had a Snapchat filter on it. My skin looks too smooth,” 

“It looks like I’m wearing foundation,” 


Is it Apple’s  Smart HDR?

As Apple has never talked about any beauty mode feature, you might think that this is the magic of the Smart HDR and toggling that off would resolve things but unfortunately this time it is something very different. Turning off the Smart HDR is bringing it a tone down but not up to satisfactory levels. So whatever type of processing is happening, whatever Apple is doing on these new phones is the grounds or something extra from Smart HDR functionality.

What Apple has to say?

Well, Apple has declined to respond to this matter. According to Apple, they have used advanced algorithms. In normal Smartphones, pictures have the problem of noise. Whenever a photograph is taken in low light from the camera, we can see minute bits of grains across the photo. These grains are basically are basically called noise. Smartphones have smaller lenses and sensors that do not allow much light to come thus the problem of noise are there. But Apple’s camera is a level high. It is an entire system .Improvement in system’s chips and advanced algorithms have allowed Apple to reduce noise in their photos. All this was briefly discussed by Apple during its launch event of iPhone XS.

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