New developments mobile world let you know about this topic. Phones with better developed QWERTY keyboards and features need to make them totally functional. In the era of touch screen phones having keyboard has lost its virtue. However, with the world becoming smarter, it is important to answer the question, How To makes the phone having keyboard more valuable than a touch screen?

To answer the phrase “How To” the mobile expert in India are launching better smartphones with advanced keys that can change the trend lines. There is a simple need for the mobile companies to have more screens to body ratio. When it comes to body ratio, they need to have good physical and quality keyboards that could function very appropriately and swiftly. Unlike the predecessors, where the Qwerty keyboard used to consume almost the whole body of the mobile phone with a small screen there is, now, a call to have more screen.

The next question is,

How to ensure that the upgrade will capture the interest of the users?

The answer lies in the fact that the new panel should have a better “click” option that gives an easier typing. This time the click should be faster that gives a great amount of convenience to the users. The convenience in the typing should be equivalent for users when compared with the touch screen mobiles.

How To makes sure that the users are ready to give up the old mobile phone instead of the phones?

It is for sure, that the mobile phones stop functioning due to some inherent problem in CPU. For a few moments, certain programs in the mobile phone may not function. This makes the keyboard inactive as well. In that case, when a person uses a mobile phone with a physical keypad then the CPU doesn’t require taking care of the task of managing the keypad as compared to that of the touch screen. As such, the CPU is bothered more about managing other programs. This frees the CPU from the various issues of the keyboard which bring out a better functioning of the mobile phones.

How to attract the customers towards a new model?

The users prefer a mobile phone that has advanced features which are a better design, taller body, thinner and easy to carry. Apart from the physical features, the users expect that they are provided with the features of resolution, a good glass protection, and a good touch display. They also expect the hardware to be upgraded that should include a high amount of RAM and an inbuilt good storage facility. This storage facility should be extendable by the means of a microSD card. It should also have lots of security features. Other prominent features that the users expect are a better camera. New features that should sound functional are better stabilization, good speed, and effective performances when it comes to low lights. These days, Android is in trend when it comes to the operating software regarding mobile phones

The price should sound lucrative for the buyers. It should be easily available in all the online platforms with certain discount facilities.

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