When it comes to smart phones that are packed with many features there is a strong accompaniment for Tips and Tricks, here is that could make the function of the mobile phone more sophisticated. These Tips and Tricks are the simple hack tips that could easily enhance the performance of the phones.

The following are the Tips and Tricks here is that can help to manage the phone properly

  1. Disable the non-essential apps

When it comes to saving battery, there are certain things are required to be kept in mind. It, seldom, happens that many apps run involuntary even though the user is not using them. This consumes both the battery and the internet connection. One needs to turn off the background data for each app on one to one basis in case of iOS. One need to go to settings, then general menu; move to the background app, click refresh and select the apps to turn off.

It is easy to handle with Android as one need to simply click the “restrict background data” for each app. One need to go to settings, click data usage and tap the app of the choice then scroll back to the bottom to prevent the uses of data on cellular networks.

  1. Remove the notification that is not necessary

It can seldom happen that one person is bugged by app notifications that keep on coming continuously. This also drains the battery power; to prevent them one need to turn them off so that the unwanted notification does not stay in the notification bar. The simple Tips and Tricks here involve long press the notification bar and then a message box will appear; tap on the app info and un-tick notification option.

  1. Save battery and cellular data by switching of certain apps and features

In order, to save the mobile internet data as well as to conserve the battery one need to switch off certain apps that consume a lot of data. In that case, one needs to either remove the apps that consume a lot of data or forcefully stop such apps so as to conserve both battery and internet connection usage.

  1. Free apps consume a lot of data and battery power

Everyone who possesses a phone loves the free apps but it should be kept in mind that it always comes with a price. The free apps are the ones that constantly consume the data and battery by the means of different commercials. The simple Tips and Tricks here are to get the premium version of those apps. This will save the consumption of internet data and battery power.

  1. Extend the battery life while charging it

The phone manufacturers provide short charging cables in order to discourage the use of the phone. It needs to be kept in mind that most of the phone runs on a Li-ion battery system and these batteries have limited cycles after which they need to be replaced. Using the phone while charging might reduce the battery life, so one needs to remember the simple Tips and Tricks here is to switch off the mobile phones while charging it.

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