How to create Siri shortcuts on IOS 12 How To IOS 

How to create Siri shortcuts on IOS 12

If you are fond of Siri and you know that it can be accessed as shortcuts in your IOS, then you must also know that the shortcuts are more exciting because of the pre-program voice commands. You may think of why taking charge creating shortcuts when you can already connect to Siri for sending a text or making a call but what makes shortcuts must creation for you is the extensive command and execute over Siri. Create Siri Shortcuts The foremost step of starting the creation of Siri Shortcuts is…

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How to Install Linux on a Mac? How To IOS Technology 

How to Install Linux on a Mac?

lets’s learn  how to install linux on a mac. It is no more a myth that you can install Linux on Mac, which is undoubtedly the best supporting system for Apple hardware. We can say that the process is a little complicated but you may be able to install it by following some intelligent steps. Before going to the direct installation, you must consider the use of specific operating systems (OS) for your Linux OSes support to Macs, which include: Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSUSE or Debian. Even if these do not…

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